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The Secret to Confidence

My boyfriend and I were talking on one of the many road-trips we have taken lately… (and that’s on living far from your families) And the topic of confidence came up. It started off him asking me my opinion on someone’s style. I told him it wasn’t particularly my style or how I would choose to dress, but that person may just not care about fashion. And that is okay. That made me start to think though.

A lot of people don’t care about fashion or what they wear. I would say the majority of people do have some care for it though. My boyfriend would prefer to spend his money on old Ford trucks before he spends his money on clothes or shoes. But, if I were to bring up some nice shirts for him to wear on date night, he’s going to tell me what colors and fit he does and doesn’t like. I think that is how the majority of people are. They may say they don’t care, but truthfully everyone wants to look good and feel good.

You came here for the secret of confidence though, not to hear what my boyfriend’s style preferences are. Well, if I could tell anyone how to be more confident. It is truly in how you look/feel.

Pretty privilege exists. I truly believe that. I saw a TikTok where the girl said she asked a flight attendant what all the secrets are to flying. He told her that if you look good and not dressed like you haven’t had a shower (been there too), you are more likely to get upgraded. That’s not to say you need to wear heels everywhere you go and you will be treated nice… you can style sweat pants in a cool way. Pretty privilege exists for just truly pretty people, I do still believe that, but I also believe that everyone can have that privilege if you dress well.

Regardless of the privilege or being upgraded on a flight, my point is that confidence comes out of dressing well and looking good. I can ask everyone around me and they will say that they feel more attractive or beautiful when they have what they think is a dope-ass outfit on. I can say this with confidence because of the things I hear and comments I get on my outfits.

I am that girl that is always pretty much dressed nice. In fact, to most people I look like I shouldn’t be going to just get bar food and probably would more blend in on the streets of NYC. I often get a “You don’t need to dress that nice.” type of statement. But one: I love fashion, it’s my thing, and two: it makes me confident and makes me feel good and gives me serotonin. Even it is confidence to just walk into the damn restaurant before anyone else.

I love many things about fashion, but one thing I love most is how it can make people feel. I don’t ever want to make others feel down or inferior at all when I dress nice to a random place. That is really why I decided to write this because you can have it too. You may not love fashion as much as me, but if you’re having a bad day, it really can be a game changer.

I often forget this as well. Ever since moving to a new city, everything seems to have been going wrong around me. I have been down just about everyday, but one day when I was getting content and shooting, I put on my favorite jumpsuit to shoot and it changed everything. It gave me confidence, I finally felt happy here. It was only for a moment, but it was bliss.

To everyone who doesn’t think about fashion much or works from home and never puts on cute clothes or those who are just down… put on your favorite outfit, film a TikTok or take a picture and never post it, whatever you want to do. Put that outfit on so that you feel like you look good and when you look good, you feel good, when you feel good, your confidence rises and your happiness rises and it can change your attitude, maybe just for a moment or maybe it will get you out of that rut. However long, it is worth it.

Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good. Play good, get paid good.

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